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Transmission & Automotive Services in East Syracuse, New York

Count on Us

Speedy Transmission has been serving the Syracuse area for over 40 years. The Speedy team knows how important your vehicle is to you and knows you need it repaired right the first time at a fair price with a warranty you can count on. We use the latest in diagnostic technology to get to the root of the problem. We offer a free diagnostic check and honor most extended warranties. Whether it's your transmission, brakes or related repair Speedy is here to help get your vehicle back on the road as quickly as possible. Our financing option is available if needed to assist you with the funds to complete your repair. Simply click on the link above and fill out the application. A response is available immediately.
Free computer diagnostic check | Syracuse, NY

Transmission Experts

Strange noises, vibrations, and that little check engine light on your dashboard all mean something isn't right with your vehicle.

Don't ignore the signs. Bring your car to Speedy Transmission Centers. We offer full-service transmission repairs and automotive services to repair your vehicle.

Transmission Technology

Today most vehicles have automatic transmissions, but with more than 1,000 parts, transmissions are becoming more complicated with every new design. For the past several years, vehicles have been built with lightweight engines and transmissions that run at higher RPMs and temperatures.

This stress and strain causes more frequent breakdowns. With more than three decades of experience, Speedy Transmission Centers is the repair shop you can count on with your transmission maintenance and repairs.

Repairing Your Ride

We custom rebuild transmissions and repair transfer cases. Get a new set of brakes or replace your vehicles clutch with our repair and maintenance options. Visit us for a free diagnostic when your engine light alerts you to a problem.

Maintain your vehicle at peak efficiency with automotive and transmission services from Speedy Transmission Centers in East Syracuse, New York. We focus on transmission repair and offer several other automotive services for any type of vehicle.

Special Offers

Check back with us frequently, as we always have new deals and great discounts on repair work, routine maintenance, and diagnostic procedures.
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